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What did I mean that during parties I choose the sofa // like a sick cat? That when tattoos are dispensed I’m first / in line? That books full of other people’s misery // make the beach infinitely more pleasant? Stargazing is another weakness. / Too much I examine the patch of dirt where nothing grows // where buried curiosa aren’t deep enough, though in Short Answer / I’m all for dancing alone in a silken robe. Friends call. // Mostly the machine answers. Mozart makes me cry. / I kill spiders without guilt.

After posting that Annie Dillard quote, I rooted around in my room a bit and found these.  Annie Dillard went to Hollins College (now Hollins University) during the 60’s, the same school that I went to from ‘05 - ‘09. I don’t remember when during my time there that I took these photocopies of our literary magazine, Cargoes, but they span from 1964 - 1966.  I’m fairly certain that the only available copies of these books are in the Hollins archive, so the photocopies are as close as you can get. 

Annie and Lee Smith are both on the staff, and a lot of their work from college is in these, as well as some stuff from Henry S. Taylor who was at Hollins getting his M.A.  A lot of Annie’s work is from when she was still Annie Doak, before she married Richard Dillard (who happens to still be a fixture at Hollins and made me fall in love with Fellini when he came to class dressed as a clown and also one time called me a lazy-good-for-nothing because I wouldn’t make him a smoothie BUT I DIGRESS).  I am probably the only person on Tumblr who thinks this is cool.

I’ll probably be posting some excerpts from their work in these, so stay tuned.

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